How do you decide when its time to stop trying to date someone?

there was this girl I liked and it was an odd hot and cold situation , where she was never really clear about what she wanted . different from one day to next with confusing body language . I kept trying till she got a bit annoyed about a month ago , then gave her some space till I saw her again one Saturday . I'm not really sure what she wants or if she'd even go for what I wanted . I feel like I might need to just stop trying to date her as even though I like her it might be too one sided , well me being into her more


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  • Just ask her! You'll always wonder, if not.

    Its better to be hurt by her response, than the "what if."


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  • She's a twat kid -

    Forget about her.

    • under normal circumstances I would forgot about such a girl but she was local and lived near me and I knew a couple of her gf's . I though we really clicked when we first meet a few months back but I don't know if things were as good is I though they were in her mind