Why are some guys on here so negative about their view of what women want?

Why are some guys on here so certain that women will never date unattractive or nice guys? I never hear men talk about this in real life so I do find this interesting that so many men on here think like this. In my life I see women who looked like they just walked out of a magazine cover with guys who are not that great looking but they are with them because of their kind character.How come some guys on here ask questions about why women won't date ugly or nice guys but when a women says that we will they will not even listen to them and say that they are just saying that.


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  • Look around? How often do you see attractive women with unattractive guys today? It's pretty rare, but of course there are some exceptions to the rule. I do personally believe that there are some good people out there who have the intentions of dating someone for who they are as a person and not what they look like, but it's tough to do these days. We live in a social-media driven society where reality TV depicts the "perfect" person and partner, and everyone is entitled to these people it seems and won't settle for anything less. I do live in the real world and not the internet world, and I see it with my own eyes. I am fortunate enough to have someone who finds me attractive both physically and mentally, thank god.

    • Thanks for casting a negative vote for my answer. Appreciated.

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    • I can't tell if your comments are directed at me or the previous commenter, but I'm not saying anything about you personally, just responding mostly to your first sentence. Attractive women don't date unattractive men any less than the reverse happens.

    • lolol...

      This isn't to the post starter BTW.

      Look, these guys don't see what you see. So yeah, invalidate their experiences with your own lol..

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  • They're basically just ranting on this site. It's not even a question they're asking necessarily and just want a buncha guys to rant with them. There are toxic women just like there are toxic men.

    Thing with guys is many of them chase supermodel looking girls but are very insecure. I know people like this. They have no chance with a girl yet only go for ones who spend 2+ hours a day fixing their hair. Or they're 50 years old, obese, and have poor hygiene chasing 20year old girls thinking they'll get 2 years of sex out of them when they have no chance. Yet these same guys will claim everything's about "love and care."

    A majority of guys on this site have been rejected by pretty girls, so they're very bitter. Ironically if you throw 300lb girls at them who say they want a relationship, suddenly "Well... we don't exactly match up..." even if they have the exact same hobbies and so on.

    • I think they take dating advice too literally.

      And people on the Web are different to real life. It sounds weird, but IMO people online tend to say their innermost thoughts/feelings that they don't voice often in real life. I guess nobody knows them well, so it's understandable.

      So if guys feel confused, OK, but then they need to take things with a pinch of salt.

  • As some men feel the urge to whine to ease the frustration of not being able to achieve their desires.

    Also, through what I've experienced in life, men like complaining.

    (Please, feel free to vote me down for apparent sexism.)

    Cute pic by the way.


  • Its because a few thigns.. one is that online we have lowered inhibitions. So people will be more insecure than normal, or more helpful, or more nasty and viscious etc.. there's nothing to stop us.

    So, guys will speak their very insecure thoughts on here in excessive detail.

    The other aspect is these guys are giving up and expecting everyone to care about their whiny ass. Like they are SET on believing that women won't like them etc, and they will argue it to death with everyone because they want to believe their own bullsh*t and waste everyones time. Its like a kid crying that everyone hates them and they should run away and no one would ever care.. same behavior just in grown adults.

    I do have to admit, the more I am here it is starting to rub off on me a little, which scares me :\

    • I can really understand what you mean on them having lower inhibitions especially online. I wonder if men really do feel this way in real but do not express it or if it is just this site. idk

    • well, everyone has insecurities. I think its just a matter of how much you dwell on them. A lot of people online in general on any social network site is lonely so they will grow these thoughts more than more social people, who are usually not on here as much. So I think its not a fair representation of men in general..

    • btw.. about the lowered inhibitions thing. checkout this article, its got lots of good info on online psychology link

  • I guess largly for me I just worry girls won't like me. I don't think girls won't like me but I am sc├áred

  • Because their reality doesn't mesh with yours.

    If they see everyday hot women only dating hot men, it confuses them and makes them angry and bitter.

    And let's face it, women in modern society DO say things about dating they don't mean. So it's a case of men sifting the truth from the BS, or the wheat from the chaff as it were.

    It doesn't matter to me, since I see that both points are true in differing cases, but then most girls here tend to project their subjective view as universal. Simply saying "well, IN MY EXPERIENCE it is true" would relieve the angst of some. lol..

    • If they don't consider themselves "hot" guys, why are they so bitter if hot girls DO tend to go for hot guys? If they care about hot girls more than "average" girls (or whatever) then they are being equally superficial.

    • eh? I don't know. though I'm stating an opinion, don't get in a fret if it doesn't meld with your own reality... insecure bitch haha..

  • They are right most of the time. I mean I don't blame a pretty women for not dating an unattractive guy. She doesn't deserve it. A beautiful women deserves a beautiful guy. I'm sure that some attractive men have a nice personality as well and that some unattractive guys have a mean personality as well. When I see a beautiful women with a mediocre looking guy I instantly suspect that the guy mist be offering her something else. Stability. And that is because he has money. And they're both doing a mistake. Big mistake.

  • In "our" view, women want "bigger" and there are always men with "bigger" things to offer.

  • I was actually wondering about this link

    • lol it is a question about why are they bitter. Not me complaining about them being bitter. I just don't see the way that some of these guys do and wonder why they see this way.

    • Why they're bitter? well that's easy . they're bitter over their success with women. People talk about bitterness like it comes overnight but it doesn't. I have a co worker who hates women but he said he wasn't always like that. He became bitter over time , over the years after doing everything he could to appear more attractive to improve himself. like I said some people just have incredible abnormal bad luck without no way to change it or overcome it.

    • @ Question Answer I'm like your co-worker no matter how nice I was, or how much I changed my appearance to attract women it never worked. I'm not bitter towards women just hate the BS they tell.

  • Because women are nothing but hypocrites. They say one thing and do/mean another and frankly I don't blame these so called bitter guys acting the way they do. I mean think about the things you and other female users on here say and then a few minutes later the answers are totally different. I have a hard time believing any women or girl saying she'll date a nice guy or one she finds unattractive. Guys will actually give ugly nice girls a chance. And don't get me started on kind character I was raised to respect women and yet I'm single? Why because I don't meet the so called qualities women want. Here's proof my step brother who's in his early 20's just became a father a few weeks ago, he's been in and out of jail since he was 13? Now I know there's no way on earth he'd be a father or even have a Girlfriend if he were nice. I've never been arrested and its not like I'm hideous looking although I feel I am since I'm always getting rejected. Hence way I, stopped asking women out years ago. Nope I know if I were to come off as a jerk I would have GF, I sometimes feel like I have to commit a murder just to get a woman to even give me 5 minutes of her time. I see the way women look at the thugs compared to the nice guys and it makes me sick.

    That's how I feel and I'm not even gonna bother arguing so take it as face value.

    • this. I think many ugly men learn to accept their lot. Life isn't fair, and nobody is truly entitled to anything.

      It's the double standard that vexates them.

    • Looks like 4 feminists can't handle the truth lol.

  • I think this article can explain it: link

  • Because the woman you described who looked like she just walked out of a magazine cover who is with an ugly guy is rare. It happens, but is extremely uncommon.

    Most men don't live in the rare world where those things happen. Instead, we live in a world where women say one thing and do another, where we are told nice guys get the girls and a high paying job is not important. Guys listen to that and ultimately become disillusioned when they discover they've been misled.

    Being lied to by women and society does breed negativity. I think with a little honesty you would see that.

    • what are you saying? the nicer you are the more they like you.. its fake nice that repels girls

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    • Start learning? LOL...you misunderstand. It's not me who needs to learn. I couldn't keep girls away from me in high school and college. The harder I tried, the more they pestered me. Admittedly I was a bit of an a**hole although I didn't realize it at the time. I didn't realize how lucky I was. No, you've got it wrong.

    • You're so wrong. lol But hey, if what you're doing works for you...great. It doesn't for most guys. I've had conversations with friends from high school and college, BOTH men and women, and I think I understand pretty well why I had success.

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  • because they know realistically being ugly and lame won't get them hot girls. I rarely ever see really good looking women with ugly dorky guys because of their personality. sorry I just dont. most people are dating on the same level of attractiveness, the women who do date ugly guys are with them because those ugly guys have high status for the most part.

    but the guys on here who whine about that are not only bitter but lazy because they refuse to improve themselves to make themselves more attractive to the women they want.

    • Come on don't be a hypocrite. Women are just as bad when it comes to laziness.

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    • what a hypocrite.. your whining right now. and no girls are a lot less visual than men. not to an extreme, but its common sense you idiot.. just look at most girls answers on this site, it proves it.

    • it's true that leagues exist, to deny it is bull.

      highondrugs, she's simply stating her opinion. Why do you have to act so aggressively?

  • Because its the truth and they can't handle it. Women don't want to bang ugly guys.

  • Because they see one or few girls boyfriends be mean to them in public and automatically jump to the conclusion that women like a**holes. That literally makes sense in a mans mind.

    • err... did you read the OP? Or the responses here?

      lol... It seems you only expect comments from people that meet your expectation, but OK, don't be mentally normal, it's your choice hehe.. ;)

    • I really do not care about what you have to say, but okay.

    • Sure, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

  • They take an experience with one or a few woman and cast it upon all women.

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