Guy I like is kind of confusing me. I am way to worried about this. I could use some help

So this guy I like is kind of confusing me. He acts like he likes me but then he goes and flirts with a girl online. So he lets me wear his sweatshirts and we watch our favorite movies, and we will cuddle and he will find any excuse to joke with me or touch me. He even considered one of the times a date from a post I saw. He also in a post said it can be awkward because his best friends girlfriend looks like the girl that he likes, and I kind of look like her more than this internet girl. On the internet they flirt back and fourth and she said she would date him hen they met and how she's too far away to kiss him. And he will say things back sometimes and then they will go days without speaking. I'm worried he's slipping through my fingers and he knows I like him too and I'm almost certain he likes me but then I see this and it throws me off. This girl is like 11 hours to maybe 15 hours away depending on the road. But I've worried myself so badly with this. My guy friends say its absolutely nothing don't worry and my other friends say there is a slim chance they ill ever meet. So what do you guys think because he has posted other things of I want a girlfriend that lives close by that isn't a cheater. But then he flirts online again. I don't know at all I just know I'm worried


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  • maybe you should become his gf..his behavior is that of a single guy,ask him if he wants to be official and tell him how you feel about him talking to this other chick,he may not realize how much you care.

    • So maybe this thing with this chick is nothing. I mean actions speak louder than words and his actions are very loving to me and he can't touch the other chick

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