Any way I could get him to text first sometimes?

He usually waits for me to texts first and I think he's use to it being this way. We usually have good convos when I text him :) I don't mind texting first, but sometimes it would be nice if he could sometimes, so it's not just on me all the time.


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  • There's 3 different ways for you to get a guy to text you:

    1. After you finish talking. Do not text him until he texts you first!

    ( I don't think you'll like this one, it may take a while and still some guys will wait till you finally give in and say why haven't you text me lately)

    2. You can just tell him that you wish he would text first every once in a while

    (but that's kinda awkward)

    3. Once you finish texting him, before you go say... G2g text me tomorrow bye, goodnight, etc.

    (Say it in a cute or fun way, it's like a suggestion but your telling him to do it)

    Hope this helps =)

  • I have a similar issue. Been talking with this guy and usually I'm always the one who first reaches out to him. And yeah I'd love for him to text me first once in a while. The only thing you can really do is wait it out and see how long it takes for him to text you first. Some guys aren't texters. I've waited as long as usually a week, but for me that can be long and I cave in and text him. I always try to put in a little extra when I'm texting. For instance, I usually will end our convo with have a good night or sleep well with a smiley or wink face to it, but only when I'm talking with him. Could be anything that you feel he might not usually get texted. I don't feel like a lot of girls do that because usually the guy would say that. Just grab his attention more.

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