Should I mind that my good friend wants to date my ex-wife?

This is killing me, one of my best friend's (Best Man) is asking to date my ex wife. We are almost done with the divorce and I have a son with her. He is a great guy and dad and has children with his soon to be ex wife. I want the best for her and he would be a great find/match for her and I would trust him to take care of my son when they have him but I can't stop feeling hurt/mad/sad. The breakup was pretty bitter and I lost a lot of close friends because of it, I don't want to lose another. Am I being too selfish?


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  • You aren't being selfish. They were probably banging while you were married. Sorry, dude. I think it's time for a new start with a new friend.

    • You really think that? why?

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    • He is right. I did not even look at this answer till after I typed my anon one. Your f"friend" has been bangin your wife and now wants you to give them their best wishes to make it appear that they just started to date. Don't be a sucker. Sucker punch your so called "friend" in the mouth.

    • Damn...your probably right..well me and him are supposed to hang together tomorrow anyways FML

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  • I wouldn't call it "selfish". It's very understandable that you would be feeling upset about this. And I don't understand what kind of friend would even think to ask you if it's OK if they move in on your wife now that the two of you are split up. When you aren't even done with the divorce, no less. I could see maybe a while down the road when everything is settled, but now is a bad time. I think HE'S a being a little selfish and ridiculous, to be honest.

    • Thank you for understanding how I feel

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  • hmmm...tough situation man. I'm sorry about it

    you're feelings are natual and understandable. I would jsut talk to the guy. Explain that you know he's a good guy and so you know that he'd be a decent dude for your ex, but that you are worried, because you've already lost so many friends, that you may lose him as a friend as well if he dates your ex.

    ultimately I think you should be OK with it but him dating your ex shouldn't have to come at the expense of your friendship

  • No you're not selfish and your friend is breaking the code. That's something a real buddy wouldn't even think of doing. If it was me, he would have to get some new teeth.

  • Sorry man but honestly he is a pos for even thinking about it AND I suggest that something fishy was going on BEFORE all this and they are both trying to make it look like a new relationship. You sir are being scammed.

    • What makes you think something was going on BEFORE?

    • Cuz I smell BS