I'm afraid he won't say yes.

i want to ask him on a 2nd date (ish)..he never called after the first, should I call, text or surprise him if I want to see him guaranteed? what would you do?

its a really complicated situation having to do with him being my ex bf's brother's best friend...basically, he invited me to go out for drinks, knowing I was with my bf, I went with him, and he freaked out and told my bf. now its over, because my bf
cheated, and so I want to go out with him, but I'm afraid he'll say no if its in a text or call..would it be ok to 'surprise him' at his office?


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  • I'm personally too shy and still feel weird asking a guy out but you should give him hints maybe start by going in groups then just you 2

    • Thanks, btw :)

    • Guys don't get hints. it is much better to just be honest. If she wants to go out with him, she should ask him. If she is too shy to ask, then she should get used to being alone. A bit of alone time may help her get over being shy.

  • No, definitely don't surprise him. That would just be weird, especially if he's no longer interested in you. I would call and get a feel on him for now, and then figure out whether you should ask him out.