How high a priority should a girl be with a guy you have been dating 3 months?

can you rank it where you think she should fall on a scale of 1-10 , 10 being highest.

thank you


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  • I got some food in my freezer that's probably older than 90 days, that stage, my priority list would probably look like this:

    1.) My kids

    2.) My health

    3.) My job

    4.) My social life (including dating)

    Now, if things started getting hot and heavy and long term, my woman would go to #2 on that list.

    1-10 scale? I guess maybe around a 5 or 6? IMO at 90 days if you are #1 priority you might have a doormat puppy dog ass kisser on your hands. And you are about my age so...I'd hope you have grown beyond the need to be the center of someone's universe?

    • thanks for the insight, I really have no clue where I should be. This helps :)

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