Would you date a racist/homophobe if you aren't either yourself, with opposing political views?

So I have this pretty close guy friend whom I'm totally convinced is into me. We've been friends for years but only recently became close. He's a great guy and he's got a hysterical sense of humor, but he's the thing... he has a little bit of a racist problem. He's like cracking racist jokes but its never directed at the same race each time. He'll even make jokes about Caucasians (of which he is one.) I was adopted from Vietnam and have lived in the US since I was 2. I'm not racist and I support Gay marriage. Despite our opposing racism and gay rights opinions we're really close. He's a total right winger though while I sway more towards the democratic side of politics. I'm not sure how I feel about this guy and I'm trying to figure out if I can live with this guy's racist, homophobic, republican views.

I'm curious to know what other peoples think? If you really liked a guy but they were racist, homophobic and or republican, would you date them? If you happen to racist, homophobic and or republican, could you date someone with opposing views than yourself?


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  • It depends. Is the person genuinely hateful of different races or do they just have a dark sense of humor and get a kick out of saying offensive things that they actually don't mean?

    For example, I'm 110% in favor of gay marriage, yet I still find gay jokes funny.

    And yes, to me, it does make a big difference.

    If he is the latter (says racist things for the humor but isn't actually hateful) then just tell him to not act like that in front of you.


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  • He's a racist because he tells jokes? When did we become so sensitive?!?

    Don't group together Republicans with racism and homophobia. That in itself is racism towards Republicans

    To answer your question, I'd have a hard time dating a liberal

    • I don't think it's called racism if it's against a political stance. I think there's another word for it.

  • Nice how you tied "republican views" in with him being racist and homophobic. You're under 18, can't vote, and all think you can save the world right now so of course you're of the liberal mindset. You never said that he opposed gay marriage or expressed conservative viewpoints anywhere in your question either. I think he is making jokes about race to make you laugh since you are in fact Vietnamese. So even if he is a "right-winger", that's his choice as there is a two-party political system in America and everyone is allowed their viewpoint and to vote how they please (which you can do once you're 18).

    • I cannot wrap my hands around how liberally mind-warped this site is.

  • I could never date a communist Obama lover no


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  • Nope. I would lose any initial attraction toward him and I would not be able to respect him.

  • I would absolutely never be able to see anyone with those views as being attractive, lol. So no, I would not. But you do whatever you want, that's your business.