Girl not ready in dating alone or something else?

I have been seeing this girl for some time now.

We have been going out, but always with friends.

She's really a shy person, I mean, I feel she's not that comfortable when people (from office) are watching us, especially when were together.

Anyway, I asked her out, (casually, not like a real date) just to grab a bite before heading out. She said no, but the thing is if I asked our friends to grab a bite, she has no problem with hanging out.

Is, she's not "ready" for us go to out alone, just the two of us?

What can I do about it?

Or is it something else.


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  • yep, for me I think she doesn't want to date or to have a relationship that fast, you should give her some space but always be in touch with her so that you be the first one to think about when she wants to move on, try to know whether she would go out if some one els but you asked her just to make sure that the issue isn't in you


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