What is your interpretation of a "date"?

Define to me what you call a date.

Not what a date would look like, but what a date is.

Is a date always intentional or can it just happen?

For example, if you are just hanging out with one other person and you both start to build past the friend zone of your relationship and emotionally take it to another level, would you consider it a date?

Is a date defined by what happens or by the setting?

Can a date be defined in a box or is it up to interpretation?

Most of the time when I ask questions on here I am not looking for answers to my personal problems, I know what I think, but

What is YOUR interpretation?


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  • To me, a date is a preplanned meeting with someone, when you both know that their is a romantic interest between the two of you.


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  • IF you don't spend any money or pay for everything it doesn't count as a date...this applies to men only.

    • why is that?

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    • You are asking the wrong gender that. I have dated girls that always wanted money to be spent on them. From all races and backgrounds. Sometimes I would try to take them on ones that didn't cost money they either weren't receptive or just didn't want to at all. Walk in the park NO. going to a convention or festival NO etc etc etc

    • I've been on one that didn't cost money and I think they were some of the best ones I've been on, the girl enjoyed it too, so I guess it depends on the girl