Girls do you usually talk about dating in front of guys you like?

just wondering if you do this, happened to me on numerous occasions. had one girl talking about how she really wanted a boyfriend with her girlfriend and they both sort of looked at me haha. another one at college also complained of not being able to get a boyfriend. also I forget how the conversation went but we were talking about what I do for work and she abruptly cut in and said my 2nd job was f***in bitches haha. she's very cute always tries talking to me, pokes me an stuff when iam around her. just didn't think taller girls would be interested in shorter guys. but I guess if you only want to date taller guys than you really cut yourself out of a large margin of guys especially if their isn't much taller guys around. I don't mind dating taller girls at all. just never have before ha ha all girls I've date have been around 6" shorter than me. she's like an amazon lol I can deal with that


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  • Yes, some girls do that to drop hints in front of guys they like but I mean, I'd say that to my guy friends too so you can't really take it as a sure fire sign.


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