Do you google your dates? If so how much? And how creeped of would you be if you found out they had googled

You too? Is there a point for you where it becomes creepy?

Just curious in the day of Facebook, reverse phone number looks ups, and criminal history at out finger tips where are we drawing the line? :)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends. If I know that my date or crush is competing in some kind of sport, I might google if I want to see how well they do. ;) So yeah, I google stuff like that (just like I sometimes do with my friends). Once, I went on a date with someone that my friend set me up with without googleing first, because I trusted my friend. Really bad date, but I don't thing google could have saved me from that one. :P It was the first and only time I went on a date with a 'stranger' (we only talked on Skype before the date). I usually prefer talking to my date/crush so I don't have to google them, but I can see why you'd want to google if you go on a date with someone who isn't already a good friend.

    I usually look through Facebook, but that's mostly to see how active they are/how much personal stuff they post because I think that says a lot about a person. I wouldn't be creeped out if they googled me and quickly looked through the first page or something (which by the way is links to my Facebook page, my family's website and lots and lots of photos I've taken), but if they mentioned that they'd found something on page 17 I'd be totally creeped out.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Nope, I can't be bothered going to the hassle of it... plus I generally know what kind of person I'm dating so I don't see the need. Also it'd probably not be overly accurate, all I ever see on Facebook is people bitching and calling everyone ugly sluts when it's obviously not always the case.

    • So would it bother you if they googled you?

    • Not in particular, I've seen a lot worse behavior than googling someone.

  • Yes, I google them. Hell, I google any girl that I'm really interested in. No, I wouldn't care if I somehow found out that they tried googling me and would be flattered that she did. I also assume most girls do. I'm lucky though because I have a very common name, so it'd be hard for anyone to find anything about me.

    • What do you look for when you google them?

    • I don't check out every girl that I'm interested in, but, if I like her enough, I'll put her name in Google and see what pops up. I've had a few girls tell me about various pages that they run or are connected with, and I'll usually give them a look. And, if I'm dating a girl or really interested in her, I'll search for her on Facebook.

  • I had one girl Google me and I thought it was kinda weird. She did deep extensive research for hours a day even.

    • Wow how did you find out?

    • she showed me what she found by saving all of the links in a text document and making me talk about it.

What Girls Said 2

  • If I dated, I would totally google every guy I date first, lol. It's not creepy at all. I mean, if you did extensive, in depth research about the guy, then that is pretty weird. But you better believe I'm going to google their name to see what pops up, and then I'm going to check out their Facebook page, lol.

    If I found out a guy I had just started to date did this, I wouldn't be at all weirded out by it. There's too many crazy people in the world, so it's the only sensible thing to do.

  • Lol... I went with maybe and i. Not going to lie... If he's REALLY HOT then yes ill google him, and try to see pics of him from Facebook, etc.

    But nothing more than that.

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