I need your advice please! Should I be/feel angry in your opinion?

I texted my best friend on Facebook,She seen it and ignored it then an hour later,I poke her and she finally texts me back...Is that how best friends are supposed to be treated where you look at their message and not bother to text back until I poke her...

I need YOUR advice please - Thanks so much for your help!


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  • She could have been busy or not in the mood to text back. She's not obligated to text you back right away, you know? Facebook has done the world a grave injustice by allowing users to know when their message has been read.

    • Yeah I know...But she was texting other people and liking other photos after she read it and ignored it...I find that dis-respectful as she calls me her "Best Friend".

    • If she makes a habit of it - then start getting upset. As of right now, you have no reason to be.

    • Okay thanks for your advice.