Does he want more than sex?

i met a guy out at a club Saturday night. Sunday he has been messaging me quite a bit and me too. we click well. however, I am not sure what he sees the potential between us both as. does he just want to basically have sex with me or possible date me properly. he is giving mixed signals in the texts. a lot of the texts are us both being witty and layed back joking kind of thing, he isn't being dirty but occasionally makes a "joke" of something dirty. and yet he did ask some questions about my life and stuff so shows he is at least a little interested. how do I know his intentions? because I can picture myself really liking this guy.

i found out recently "via checking out his Facebook" even though we haven't added each other yet that he is actually 19 not 21 like he had said. and I am 22. so I am quite frustrated by this. does this mean he purely wanted "fun" or thought I would reject him if he said his age was 19


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  • I know tons of guys who act like that and their motivation is purely sex... I don't generally see many guys as genuine if they try to meet or hook up with girls at clubs. It's hard to find out their real intentions because a lot of guys will just wait it out if they think they have a chance at all.

    • but do guys who ever initially just want sex, re consider after talking for a bit and spending time with the girl and want more? or if they want more do they know it from start.

    • No, if they wanted a relationship they'd know beforehand...

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  • I would say he's interested. Sex will come when you both want it. At this point, you should be flattered by his interest especially if you are interested.

    • but is he only seeming interested because he thinks sex is an option.

    • You won't know that in advance. You're over thinking this in typical female fashion. Why don't you ask him out for coffee where sex is not an option.

  • I think at this point he just wants to have sex with you nothing else


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