Can a guy like a girl again?

We texted last October and liked each other but since I was shy we never spoke In person because I was always too nervous to talk to him. Then we sorta stopped texting. But when I texted I believe I may have lost it by perhaps being a bit too over-eager and showing so much interest too soon. I sent "Hi" and he never replied so yeh. He still kept acting like he liked me even though he ignored the text however and I was so confused. Over the summer I stopped going to the group we are both in (The only place I ever got to see him) and I got over him. Then recently we bumped into each other at a state fair and the feelings came back. I have started going back to the group again but it hurts to think their is no hope. But anyways is it possible? Like if I tried talking to him maybe?


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  • If a guy is truly interested in a girl, he will always like her. He might try and suppress it if things don't go well and he's forced to move on, but if you were to come back around again and showed that you were interested in him, I'm sure he'd give you another chance.


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  • Talk to him again, maybe he didn't get the text but is interested in you. Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels about you. Keep me posted!

  • I've been in your shoes before, I know how hard that is. I'd say that it is possible that he might like you, but there's really no way to know without telling him how you feel about him first.


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