Keeps texting, but slow to respond.

This guy I met recently is a horrible texter, and I'm on the verge of going off on him about it. I have friends who are terrible about texting back, and I've pretty much told them not to text me if they wanted to talk, just call instead.

Is it okay to say something similar to him? He's in the middle of a major project at work, so I know it's busy. But I can't tell if he's interested or not because he's so bad at getting back to me, even if he's the one who initiates the conversations. What should I think about this?


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  • Nothing. If you went off on me, especially if you knew I was busy, I'd send you straight to the friend zone and probably never text you again.

  • I always find that in the beginning of the # exchange if the person doesn't frequently text they aren't interested.


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