Girls, a guy giving you a note, cute or creepy?

I was sitting next to this girl in the library (in college) and she was very beautiful. She was busy working and I did not want to bother her, plus I was nervous to say anything. So I wrote, "Hi I think you are beautiful, would you want to hang out?" I put my number and name and told her if she was interested to text me. She has not texted yet and it has been a hour and a half. She girls would this be cute, creepy what? Also I kept glancing over at her a lot, would that make a difference?

I dropped it on her desk as I walk by went leaving
She never texted or called, so whatever I guess. I did ask a girl if she wanted to hang out today but of course she said she had to much schoolwork at the moment. Story of my life.


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  • First I must say it is extremely brave from you! I wished someone would do this for me.

    And for your question it depends on the type of girl and how you looked at her.

    If the girl is shy she will probably won't text we because one she is shy and 2 she fears that you were jocking.

    If she already have a boyfriend (wish it's not the case;-)) well she won't either text you unless she is unfaithful

    If she is interested and is game, she will but maybe later or even the day after.

    One hour is not very long and she is maybe in class as you were asking this question.

    And for the glancing over, if you looked at her "softly" not as a hungry dog or as a pervert or as à player well I think it's more flattering than creepy for a girl

    wether she text you back or not. It doesn't meAn you are à creep or a loser and Bravo bravo for having all your courage


    • Thank you for taking my answers as your favorite one!

      And I'm sure you'll find someone, trust me, time will tell:-)

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  • That was brave and I think it's sweet. She may have a boyfriend or not interested. All you can do is wait and keep looking.

    • Yeah, but I wouldn't mind knowing which one it is.

    • You're most likely never gonna find out, unless she contacts you. If you pursue her to find out it will get creepy.

    • Well I will probably never see her again anyway.

  • Girls a guy giving you a note cute or creppy?

    I'd find it creepy as unless he's mute I find it a bit off he gave me a note instead of speaking. I wouldn't by the whole not wanting to bother me as I find that slighted off by him giving me a note and talking to me which in a way is bothering me.

    Also I kept glancing over at her a lot, would that make a difference?

    Depends on the gal for me this would increase the creepiness.

  •'re very brave, and what you did is cute, but she might not call, you should ask her again next time when you see her in person whether she would like to hang out...good luck ;)

  • Id say cute :)

  • I would think its cute if I was attracted to the guy. If I wasn't I would have thrown it away and thought it was weird. But maybe she's taken?

    • Maybe but I wouldn't mind knowing if she was taken as opposed to not interested.

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  • I'm very much surprised at the answers; that is to say, if they are all true.

    I've read time and time again that guys should step up to the plate and speak to the girls they fancy and not do something like this.

    And now I read "ooohhh, so cute you did that!" WTF?!

    I'm very much inclined to agree with the first girl - that it was creepy ...sorry for the bluntness, but that's my opinion. And it wouldn't matter if you eyed her at lot or not; when us guys don't speak to girls we want, then we are deemed creepy if we do something like this; sadly, which is why I'm one big giant p----- in speaking to girls unless they give me massive signals that a blind dude would see from outer space.

    That being said, massive kudos to you for though at least do what you did. Hopefully she'll text

    • Don't listen to the 'political correctness' bs-answers that are often overflowing from girls.

      Regarding the second one, whom might have told you the truth (that she had too much schoolwork at the moment), are you reading her body language and getting the green light from her for you to talk to her? Or are you just cold approaching?

    • Well I was walking behind her most of the time, so I could not see her body language anyway, but yeah I am just cold approaching. I would have no idea how to read a girls body language or what a damn green light would even be.

    • ;) Google "flirting signals" and variations of it.

      When you know what are the most obvious signals, then it becomes somewhat easy to spot. But getting the courage to approach the girl - that's a whole different story ...sadly :/

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