Why do you think he just stopped texting?

I've been texting this guy since early Sept. Well we haven't hung out or anything since then. So Friday I texted him asking him if we'll ever hang out and he just ignored it :( so I gave him some space over the weekend and tried to contact him today and still no reply. I'm really confused cause he changed from day to night and I know I didn't do anything wrong.

Should I try to contact him again or just leave him alone? I don't want to seem crazy stalkerish but this type of thing just drives me insane :/

Yall were right he doesn't like me.


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  • I say you ignore it and move on... if he really wants to meet you he will contact you again, but you already texted him twice and he didn't respond. You never know he might contact you with a decent explanation, but I fear if you message him again you will come off as a clinger when you guys have only been texting and haven't even met (hey... we've all been there!) but the best thing is if you let this one go, and if he gets back to you eventually you can make the decision to answer back or not... let him know that he has to value the attention you give him and that you are not there sitting by the phone waiting on his msg... not so much time has gone by so you never know!... but he also might just be not that interested, sucks but its just how things are... I'm sure there is someone out there that will want and care enough to answer your texts!

    • Oh we've met before. We haven't hung out since we've been texting. I just feel like it was only natural to want to hang out with someone I've been talking to on a regular basis.

      I probably won't contact him again because well he has my number and he seen that I've been trying to get in contact with him :( I just wanted to try this one last time before I cut ties :/

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  • This is hard to hear but he's not interested. If a guy wants to hang out with you he will do whatever it takes to spend time with you- it's just a fact of life. Would you ignore someone you wanted to be with? No, you would hang out with them? Move on, find someone else to text. It's a lame but true statement: there are plenty of fish in the sea. Don't chase anyone who doesn't chase you back.

  • leave him alone

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