How do I land a date?

Gosh I feel a bit pathetic asking this but its a true fact I need some tips. Past few months I been socializing with people and even a few girls in the mix and feels great I can have people invite me out to places they want to go. I feel that I'm ready to take it to the next step to actually ask a girl for a date but I still feel nervous to do that because I always been shy to show a romantic interest in a lady.

Also how can you determine a if a girl is single or not? I was thinking that you just ask but then I feel that might not be appropriate.

If I get a date it will be a my first and gosh I know I will be nervous. I notice over past months I not as nervous talking to women but when it comes to asking for that date oh yeah I get nervous. I notice in the past I said "hangout" for date and never worked, I guess they thought it was friendly thing. Any tips on how I can be direct like she knows its a date. Or do I say you want to date me. LOL! I don't know but I need tips about the asking out part.


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  • 1. You simply ask, "Are you single?" or.. "Are you here with someone?"... And then you will know if she is single or not. By her answer, you can also judge how interested she is in you... if she enthusiastically says "NO! I'm just here with my friends," you've got the green light to ask her out. If she says "yes," or gives you a reluctant "no"... time to move on.

    2. Then you ask, "Can I get your number" or "Can I take you out for a drink/dinner sometime?" And there you go. Date accomplished.

    I know it sounds *too* direct and simplistic, but this is what most women really want. We don't want lines or games or a guy who's over-thinking every step of the way. Most women want a guy who will meet her, ask her out, and take her out- in that order. If you get shot down, you smile and move on, because that's just a part of dating.


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  • Need to grow some balls and just outright ask a girl.

    • Says the girl who has the luxury of guys approaching her and having her pick of the litter.

    • I agree with Hanzo. I think there should be moments women should step up to the plate. Women in Russia do so and the reason why they do so because there number of women out number men. Or some dress very appealing so they be irresistible to men.

  • DON'T ask a girl if she wants to date you, because she will probably say NO...


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  • As NIKE says, just do it. Just ask them out for a date...go from there.