Is she into me? Receiving mixed signals.

3 weeks ago I was at a college party, and through mutual friends, I met this one girl, and we played some drinking games together. I was driving that night so I oviously played said games with water instead of alcoholic drinks.

When it was time to go home, I needed to get 8 people home, and I only have a 5 seater car.I wasn't to crazy about doing this, but this girl said she could convince me, and then proceeded to make out with me. This was only my 3rd ever kiss, so I was kind of obvious to agree after this. on the trip home, she was playing with my hair the entire trip home. when I got there, I mentioned to her, if she wanted to keep going with this, and she leaned into the drivers seat, but I didn't really take the hint to "go for it"

i then messaged her on fb, and got almost no response.

fast forward to Friday night, me & her both are at another smaller house party. I finally got her phone number. then, there were lots of other guys who were rubbing against her, and basically trying to get her to "do it" right there, in the open public, but she didn't seem to crazy about that, obviously.

eventually I got her aside, and told her that I don't want to be like those other guys, I want to be more than a one night thing, which I meant 100% by the way, and still do (hence this message), and that I pulled her aside for a heart to heart. she then proceeded to kiss me again, and after several minutes, she puts her hand on my mouth and says, if you want to get more, you need to call me, and then we both go back to the party.

the next morning, she decides to text me instead, before I even wake up, asks hows it going & all that. there was limited dialogue back & forth, & then I suggested we call, but she couldn't cause her number didn't change from where she moved from to come to college, and couldn't afford to make/recieve long distance calls..

on Sunday, I messaged her and called, no response. getting a little concerned, I got ahold of a friend, she said to wait until Tuesday before going ahead, it made sense to me, so I thought I'd lay low.

this morning, in class, she texts me, asking if I had class today & wanted to hang out. so I said yes, She had already met up with a friend of mine who was at the party. and this is where my confusion is. when her, myself, and my friend were making small talk, she had a very short attention span. she would change subjects easily, and be looking every which way. but every time she looked at me, she seemed to give me all her attention, and she appeared to be licking her lips,constantly, while staring at mine

I described this to my best friend on the phone tonight, and he is the ultimate ladies man, the exact opposite of me (hopefully with this exeption). so I want to see if your ideas/replies/reccomendations are similar to his


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  • I am confused by her behavior as well! The two times that you made out was she intoxicated? That could be an indication of whether she was thinking under the influence or not.

    Is she a freshman or upper classman? If she is a freshman, she might be enjoying the attention she is getting from many male parties.

    If you are still interested, I would call/text her and ask her out to a place where both of you will feel comfortable. This should be a place where there should be no making out or anything more, and no alcohol involved. Sit down and lay all your cards out on the table, The heart to heart you had with her at the party may have gone in one ear and out the other due to intoxication. Make the text simple it should read like I heard there is a great new coffee shop opening and it would be a great place to meet, talk and hang out.

    This way she knows you are interested in seeing her, but you also want to discuss something, if you are able try and get her to meet you that day. Her distraction worries me. Could she have been under the influence of alcohol or pot when you met up with her and this friend?

    The only way you are really going to know is if you ask her, beware of a so-so answer. Sometimes girls especially young girls don't know what they want. You sound like a decent guy, so be honest with her but don't come on too strong. If you invite her out and she blows you off by not answering, find someone else if she answers but can't make it try again. Good luck!


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  • If a girl reaches out to you in this kind of a situation, she's very interested. You've already stated your intent that you want a relationship and she's still willing to spend time with you.

    The way she acts is probably just her personality with short attention span kind of deal. Just continue forward with flirting and getting her one on one for a date.

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