Should I give him more chances or vanish or tell him it doesn't work?

Met him online he lied about his race and used old pics when he was slimmer. He told me his ethnicity on first date but I do wonder why he lied about it on his profile but we get on well so I thought I should give him more chance.

So far he is always keen to impress me and we went on 5 dates. I let him kiss me on the 5th dates to see if there's chemistry. Things he said on this date bothers me. He said he slept with around 40 women and he's only 31.. This is still acceptable but the thing I hate was his hypocritic attitude. He said men do this is a stud and women do this is a slut. He praise me for having very low number. But that doesn't make up for his attitude towards women.

Base on what he said plus his old pics and fake race on profile I feel slighted. I've been trying to start a fight with him via text but he didn't engage he just act normal. So should I just vanish? Or talk to him?


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  • Why all the bull sh*t, all you have to do is say you're not interested in seeing him anymore. It's not working out.

    • LOL, straight to the point, no beating around bush for you, funny, Doc.

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    • @Tangy: Well I'll serve up the The unvarnished truth, and you can polish things up for me afterward. It's a team effort. If we're lucky we won't end up with a puzzle box. =P

      @ Anon: You gave him an explanation, that's fine. He'll get past it and hopefully learn from his missteps. No one should expect to be taken seriously if they catfish someone into a date with all sorts of fake information, and then degrade their guest on the date. It's one thing to not want to discuss certain things and

    • avoid them, like your job/money, your sexual history/old relationships but if someone can't be forthright about the basics of who they are, what their name is, what they really look like, and basic stuff you'd learn on a first introduction, then they are a joke.

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