I'm very attracted to her and her best friend. What should I do?

I'm kinda a slow approacher when it comes to girls mostly because I'm on a campus and its a lot easier to talk to someone after I've made eye contact a few times and kinda gauged their interest and my interest as well. Normally this is fine for me but recently I've gotten into a situation. I was making a lot of flirty eye contact with one girl but then my ex came back and asked me on a date. We've been back and forth a few times and it had been a whole year. I tried to patch things up with her it but it didn't work. Well I guess I upset the other girl (or at least I thought I did) so I decided to move on. Soon after a different girl got my attention and we started eye flirting but then the original girl came back. I figured why not just meet them both and see how things go until I noticed they were friends and not casual acquaintances but best friends. They're together a lot and I can't believe I didn't notice before. Unfortunately I accidentally make eye contact with both of them now but I've been trying not to because I don't want to mess up their friendship. And they're both equally gorgeous just in different ways and now I'm not sure what to do. Should I just continue to try and move on from both. I'm afraid if I try to date either one I'll come off as a player which is far from the truth. But I can tell through their facial expressions that me avoiding the situation is making both of them upset and its killing me on the inside. I'm actually far from a player and put a lot of thought into who I want to date not just physical attractiveness. Its been over a year since I've dated anyone since my ex mostly because I'm kinda picky and these two were the first girls I've been very interested in since then. I'm also fairly comfortable being single so I dint really feel a lot of pressure to date anyone. If it helps girl one seems smart she's always in the library. she also seems really calm and chill like me. Girl 2 seems to be more energetic and silly but still smart also like me. I left out physical appearance because it honestly isn't going to affect this decision.

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  • Try for threesome (just cause I know someones gonna say it)
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  • Id say get to know both and see which one you like being with better or choose the one that likes you more. I honestly don't think fighting over a guy is worth it so I'm always the one to back off but I can't lie, I get a little jealous and think why didn't he choose me. I'm not mad because in a way its my fault for not trying.


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  • Maybe try to hang out with both at the same time and then separately. Find all their good habits and all their bad habits, find what you have in common together, stuff like that and just see. What's her personality like? how is she like around other people? Just pick out that kinda stuff other than that, I don't know what else to tell you...


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  • You'll have more chemistry with one of the 2 and one will be more attracted to you so if I were you I'd make my decision off of those two things