Why would a guy text you out of the blue?

I went on a date with this guy about a month and a half ago. We got on well . After he said I seemed nice and was a sweet girl and then

ah I mean you seem really mature and all but I'm not sure a relationship would work if it went that far"

I wasn't really looking for that I didn't speak to him since he texted me out of the blue. "Hey how are you?"

I replied the conversation didn't go too far. Just went like this

Him:hey how are u?

Me: hey I'm good you? Who's this?

Him:ah it's (name) we met up before.

Me: aw cool oh I remember now. How's you? Been up to much?

Him:I'm good just busy with college . How are you?

Me:same just college off this week I'm OK. you on reading week !

Him: yeah plenty of reading to do ;)

Me : ha ha yeah loads

Me:you going our for Halloween?

Him: I guess so you?

Me:no idea yet maybe haven't decided yet.

Why did he text me? is he just interested again?

Should I message him again later?or just wait for him?
I'm I just his back up?


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  • Yes, he's probably interested again.

    • The conversation kinda ran dry. Do I reinitiate it another time or leave it and wait for him? but I may have come off as uninterested I just couldn't think of anything to talk about at the time.

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    • No, you aren't his backup. He's spouting a myth. If he doesn't text you in a few days, then text him first.

    • Oh right I'll see Friday maybe it's actually been 2months not one month like I originally thought .

      What would I say? I sometimes find it hard to think of thing to talk about. Should ask about Halloween like ask how his went?

  • In most of the cases he failed with another girl and is trying to see if you and he can start dating again.

    • Does that mean I'm just a backup? is it a good or bad thing?

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