I've got a good thing, how do I make sure to keep it?

I met this woman on an online dating site - I sent the first message and she replied with what was essentially a letter. We definitely hit it off - after several more letter-length communications between us we agreed to meet up. Well, neither of us was disappointed at all and we ended up talking for ~6.5hrs. I We are obviously very interested in each other, but I'm not that great at showing affection during early stages of a relationship because I don't want to drive someone away... so when we finally parted ways, I only said good bye (we had agreed to meet up again when we could and are talking)... should I have given her a hug when parting?

I view her as an equal - and I don't want to push too hard to fast (probably not my problem) but I also don't want to seem disinterested because I'm not giving as much physical affection as she wants (at this stage).

So... advice would be very well taken, ladies and gentlemen.

A bit more information: we're ~the same age, have completely different graduate studies programs, are both in grad school, both rather athletic, very similar interests, nearly the same height (I'm taller by an inch... and I'm 6').


Part of the reason I'm not sure about physicality is that my one longterm relationship partner never kissed... and that threw me off what I might do for future relationships.


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  • I think you should hug her, or even kiss her on the lips, no tongue if that makes you uncomfortable... Also you might mention that you are uncomfortable with too much physical contact at the very beginning, if you can talk to her that much, I'm sure she will be understanding even if she is ready for more physical contact at this stage.


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