Dating leagues. Question for you, ladies

Not to sound cocky or anything, but on a scale of 1-10(10 highest)i would consider myself a 9.5. I usually test females so I can see who has enough courage to try and tame me. I give off vibes that (you have a chance, but are you a risk taker) staredown. When I go to malls or clubs, I notice that a majority of woman look at me, but look away when I look at them. My goodfriend of mine(female) said that I am attractive, but she said don't go for a female that's on the same league as me. I asked why & also stated tht I want a pretty/beautiful/feminine lady.then she said "woman that are on the same league as you are, are usually a bitch and rude, try settling for less"

That kind of made me think. Is it true that beautiful woman are rude or bitch a lot? Personally they weren't rude with me, but I'd like to see how they treat other guys. I don't want a pretty girl with an ugly personality.

Any thoughts and opinions ladies?


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  • To me dating leagues are all about your soul. I've dated quite a few physical 9/10's and 10/10's and their looks became meaningless once I realized they're skanks who don't respect their bodies and sexual health or they lack depth and intelligence, or they rely on their looks instead of taking it to the next level. It gets boring and predictable. First of all, dating a guy like that is already kinda annoying because realistically, you have to worry about him taking other advances and you always have to "out-vibe" other females because THEY WILL be checking him out and may try to get with him. So for me, if I'm potentially putting up with all that pain in the ass-ness, he BETTER have a ton of personality and a heart of gold.

    • Finally a meaningful open-minded answer. Unlike these people below.

      Well I'm an aquarius, so I would consider myself loyal,honest, & intelligent.

      When I get into a relationship, I am very loyal to my partner. I just want to test them if they have enough courage a RISK TAKER worthy of my loyalty & hopefully, get a libra as well lol.

    • hmmm well, first of all you have to show that you're worth all that instead of just telling everyone how great you are lol no offense, but lets just be real here: the other answers do make good points. Being a physical 10/10 doesn't automatically make you worthy of a damn good significant other.

    • Not really telling peoplenhow great I am. I'm simply stating facts from what I've experienced. I don't really plan on proving that over the internet either.

      But read this question and leave a comment, "gentleman and a badboy" search it up

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  • It's so silly that you're making a whole philosophy out of this. If you like a girl and she likes you back, go for it. It's as simple as that.

  • I think you should get out more to be honest.

  • My thoughts and opinions? You have a lot of growing up to do.


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  • 9.5... ic.. not to hurt your ego.. But maybe in only the Asian category. lol Not in the minority. Anyways.

    You shouldn't see if a woman can "tame" you. For clearly your not into her then. You should be the one to "tame" her. aka you pick her.

    As for why you pick the mall to pickup woman, is a little low and sad, but w.e that's how your mind works, that's how it works.

    There is no such thing as "leagues" when picking or choosing a woman. If you think that there are "leagues" then you will never find the right one.

    There are a lot of woman who are pretty/sexy/gorgeous, and have a very smart mind, and are well educated. Don't let you friend tell you of depict who you can and cannot date. For they don't know what your best interests are. And normally friends like to say crap like that to see you when a lower person then they are.

    Anyways long story short, do you own picking up, and stop trying to see if a lady will "tame" you. You do the "taming".

    And I know I'm not a female, but I felt like you needed a mans perspective.

    • I agree with most of it. I find it silly, the whole ''leagues'' thing. We're not in high school anymore, you go for whomever you want, as simple as that.

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    • Cavmanier-- I know exactly what he meant by leagues. And if following what his friend has said, then he will never find what he truly wants/ sees in a woman. What might be sexy to us, could be ugly to him. That's why you cannot classify someone in leagues. I'm sorry, your rebuddle is still wrong.

    • Well, females that I usually approach I get easily. I wanted to try something different, but what you stated is true. I will follow my guts appreciate it