What should I text him about?

Ok so I'm pretty sure my crush likes me but not 100%

I really want to text him but ... I don't know what to say or even talk about

So my question is what are some excuses/ reasons for me to text him ? What should I say ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • hey, what's up?

    • Done that it doesn't get me far lol

      After the exchange of the hey what's ups lol

    • well if you two have any kind of common ground such as a school or hometown you can start with something related to that. it really doesn't matter what. just random stuff.

      if you want to see him or something you can ask him what he is doing and try to relate it to something you like. that should give you a way to ask him to hang out (presumably to do what activity you related to his own)

    • Same college differant towns

      Haha I'm always asking him about the homework even though I know what it is lol

      Sounds stupid huh ?

What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him hii would like to know you more and canwe be friends and etc..

    By the time both of you will love each other