Guys, how often would you call/text a girl if you were just stringing her along?

would you contact every day, every week, etc

thanks for the responses


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  • I don't like to play games because I was a victim of that once by a manipulative girl and she gave me a really hard time.

    But what I've observed many guys who likes to string girls along,they do this to get attention from the girls and to show off to their friends that they can get any girl they want.

    Mind games are stupid and childish..!

    If I were you I would have dropped his ass right now instead of keeping the hope that he will contact me again.

    • thanks dante. I don't really know if he is stringing me along, that's why I asked the question. but I have researched it further and I think he is genuine but busy. He doesn't display any of the characteristics of someome doing that.

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  • Never,if I were you ,i'll tired to get into the trouble.