How to know what to do?

so I have Been seeing the guy a couple of months. I guess you can say dating,but there is no relationship tag on it. He has said to me before he takes things very slow from day one and now it's coming up to 5 months of me getting to know him. I've hinted at me looking for a relationship in a way to see if it will push anything out of him that he wants to say. I've come to the ultimatium that if he doesn't pull through and ends up just not seeing me at point then it's best I walk away before it's too late and my feeling get seriously hurt. Am I being too hard on this dating situation? What would you do?


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  • It all depends on what your goals are with the relationship. It is possible to just have a casual relationship without putting labels on it.

    • Well I guess I myself like to take it slow but also like to think it is going in some direction to getting serious the longer we know each other. I basically don't want to wait around for something that is just going to remain the same.

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    • I have my answer of what to do then.

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