Can you guys/girls please help me out with texting?

Recently I hung out with this guy and everything seemed cool. It had been a week since we talked and out of the blue he texts "you miss me?" It texted back "why do you miss me?" And he says yea. We texted a couple of more texts about irrelevant stuff like what we had been up to, etc. Now it's been a few days and I want to text him but I don't know what to say!

Can you guys help me? I do want to sound like just a friend, nothing more. Help me out, please!


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  • Wait, do you want to just be friends with him?

    • I like him but for certain reasons, I just want to be friends. Why? Is that like weird?

    • No, you just made it sound like you liked him romantically but wanted to play coy. If you truly just want a friendship, a simple 'what's up' is perfectly fine.

  • What about a simple "Hey, how's it going?"


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