Guys, when you become uninterested in someone, do you just leave out of the blue?

I met this amazing guy this summer. We hit it off with our chemistry, and same beliefs, interests and humor. He asked for my number and I surprisingly gave it to him (first time I've given a stranger it).

He was super sweet, and we texted constantly for about 2-3 weeks, before we hung out.

It was kind of my first date/hang out, I had a lot of fun. We went to eat, walked around a mall, went to a park, a library, a coffee shop and cuddled on the grass- something I was new to.

Throughout the date he'd say comments like "I feel like I'm boring you," or "I just don't get why you think I'm such a cool guy, you're the cool one here." I assured him he wasn't boring me, I thought I was boring him.

When the date/hang out was over, he texted me after and that text only lasted for about 2-3 days. I didn't hear anything from him, then about 3 days later he texted me saying his cell got "shut off." Yeah right. Anyways, I accepted his excuse, then we texted again, but for only about 2 days, after my last text, which was just about school and that stuff, he never replied back.

I really don't understand what happened, I thought we had something. This last text happened at the end of August. I thought of texting him, but I figured I'd just be bothering him, plus I lost my phone with his # on it.

Guys, what do you think happened? Do you do this when you become uninterested? I know it was just one date, but I just feel like I need closure, or a clear answer so I can let him go. I was really getting feelings for him.

Do you think he thought I was too good for him? I'm studying at a University, and he works.

Or was he just uninterested?
I remember he was like "you're gonna be starting school again, and be too busy for me," in a sad tone, and I told him that wouldn't be true, I would make time for him.

I guess he is the one too busy for me...


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  • Summer is over; peoplea re back in schook, probably, and back with his 'regular' friends. You were just a 'summer fling' to him..not that he was insincere, but now that he's back in his accustomed social circle, he's got other 'interests' he's pursuing, I would guess.


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