Am I being too laid back in this relationship/dating?

been seeing each other for 6 months. We Haven't talked about boyfriend/girlfriend yet. Getting to know each other first.

both in our 40s and have been on our own for some time.

Hes used to women complaining to him that he is spending too much time on his hobbies instead of them.

Well I really don't care because I have hobbies to and like my own free time by myself.

So am I being too laid back and letting him walk all over me by not being like the rest and letting him have his hobbies and telling him he can do them whenever he pleases?s

It doenst bother me at all.

Too laid back? advice please fro, the guys!

I guess I'm asking how to let him do his own thing without him taking advantage of it and taking me for granted


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  • It's sounds like it's a mutual understanding. You both have hobbies and interests so it doesn't sound like it's one sided. I'm not that far from 40 myself so I c an understand that the dynamics of a relationship can be different as people get older. I know that with my ex, I was perfectly happy that we each had our own thing to do. For me, it was just enough to be in the same room even if we were both doing different things. As long as you both understand that your desire to let each other do their own thing isn't about lack of interest but part of the dynamic of how your relationship is developing. Each person is different and each relationship we have is different. So for me, I'd be perfectly OK with it.

  • If you want a LTR, you have to accept people pretty much they way they are; it's rare for people to change their lifestyle very much just to please a sig. other, especially by your ages.

    Usually complaining about people's interests and how they spend their time is a sure route to 'ex' status, as it has been for all the women he's telling you about, right?

    I think you neeed to be 'laid back' about how someone lives their life, unless they're doing something unhealthy or dangerous.

    • thanks- and ye

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    • thanks and yes I'm pretty sure that is part of what lead to ex status. I guess there is no drama in the relationship and he's says how relaxed he feels in it- like I said I don't care when he does his hobbies but I also want to make sure he isn't going to take me for granted.

    • Givinghim time onhis own will makehim value the time you have together..don't worry!

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