He stopped saying he missed me.

we went on 5 dates. I dumped him over text but we make up within the same day. We had a great time talking on video call and had fun.

I dumped him cos I was scared of my own feelings and misunderstanding between us. he told me he is hurt by that. But I open up to him he said he is glad that I'm taking him seriously. and we were playful on the call.

The next day he didn't text me at all which he usually text me EVERYDAY.. I text him telling him I miss him but he didn't say he miss me.. usually he is the one that says he miss me!

has the table turn around? how do I get my power back?


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  • lol "power". You're a dumbass. You already know that you're a shaky ass investment. Don't even front.

    • your mum is a dumbass

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    • STep 1: Sit the man down.

      Step 2: Hash this sh*t out in a civil manner.

      Step 3: ? ( probably hardcore sex )


      There is no step 5. I'm missing a quarter of the list.

    • Haha I like how you put it. He hasn't ask me out yet means I need to talk to him and confront him? We haven't had sex yet outfit at kiss was on 5th date haha

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  • The simple truth is, you gave it away by your weak actions.

    If you pull the trigger and dump a guy for stupid reasons, then it's no longer up to you if he will feel anything for you. He might just think you're dumb, foolish and not treat you seriously anymore.

    In future, you should learn the lesson - do not dump a guy unless you are *sure* you want to break up. It's an important lesson, and one that many girls never learn.

    • so no way to regain my power?

    • last night he said he is taking me very seriously though.. may be he lied?

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