Would you be upset at your partner?

So I am leaving tomorrow on a vacation with some friends. My girlfriend who is back in school and working part-time stated a few days ago how she wanted to see me after her test tonight. Well, I texted her just before her exam just to confirm (We live about an hour from one another). She messages me back this long text saying how she really wants to see me but she is so tired, that she needs to wake up for work early, that she needs to study for another exam on Tuesday. I just feel like she simply doesn't want to see me. If it was me I would sacrifice 30 minutes to an hour just to hang out wish her a good weekend and all that. I love her to pieces, she's a great girl it just this puts a bitter taste in my mouth. Also, she's been going through a lot with her depression and dislike of career, both have affected our relationship. I don't want to do anything brash and end it but the thought for the first time in 2 years is truly in my head. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


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  • I would be upset, but I think ending it would be a bit of a rash decision.

    Like you said, she's going through a lot right now, probably very tired and stressed out and feeling a bit lost. Give her some time to sort things out, and just be supportive.

    We all have our moments when we're not as attentive to our partner as we should be. If you love her, I'd say forgive her, and maybe just try talking to her about it when you get back home, after you've both had some time to clear your heads.

  • idk it does seem selfish of her,u are leaving tomorrow she should want to hang out with u


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