Going after my ex, yes or no, and why?

So, a couple years back, I was dating this girl. Beautiful, amazing personality, and I didn't have to worry about anything with her. She was perfect. I ended up breaking up with her for another girl because I was stupid and immature at the time.

For about half a year after our break up she thought I cheated on her because that's what someone told her, but I never did. So we didn't talk at all. Until one day, we just talked things through, and since that day we talked off and on.

Recently, me and her started talking again. As friends. But while we were talking, the topic of us dating was brought up and she told me that I was different from all the other guys she dated or went after. And I also told her that she was the best girlfriend I ever had, which is true.

She told me she's not in the dating game right now because she's going to graduate high school soon and go off to college soon or at least be leaving soon. Which kind of saddened me. But while she was telling me this, she also said that she believes I could get her to like me again.

I invited her to this Halloween party, and she knows I smoke and my friends smoke. She said if there's smoking she probably won't stick around, and then she said that she doesn't want people to change if that's something that people want to do. Which made me think if she's thinking about dating me again.

We both know that we would be good in a relationship, but with her leaving soon (in less than a year maybe, I don't know when yet), and with our past, do you think I should try to date her again?


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  • what if you date her again then see a NEW face and dump her again,its hard to trust someone who stabs you in the heart,i don't blame her for not wanting to especially when she is trying to focus on her own life,smart chick

    • that and kissing a smoker is yuck and it is not that easy to quit and she woul1dnt want you to quit for her,thats all she is saying

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    • I hope it all works out for u

    • Thanks!

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  • I ask this in a non-confrontational/non-judgmental way, but why, like QueenBeatris said, do you think you've grown to the point that you could date this girl without going after someone else?

    If you know that you can, then I don't think there's any harm in asking. How far away will she be from where you live?

    • When she leaves after high school, she said if she didn't leave the US she would only be about 3 hours away

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