Baptist beliefs, know any?

So I'm just going to put it out there that I'm Christian. No, I'm not a Christian extremest or anything like that.

My friend is Baptist. Although, I get the impression that she converted to Baptist in order to date her Baptist boyfriend. I'm fairly certain she was agnostic before then. They've been dating for five months so it's a relatively recent transition for her.

I have never really known anyone who was Baptist. I've gathered that it is somewhat similar to Christianity, but not entirely. I think I've gathered the basic core beliefs/practices of the Baptist church from talking to her, but I'm not sure. Thus the question.

In any case, she was venting to me tonight about her personal life - mostly about the actions of the girlfriend of one of her boyfriend's brothers. She said and did some things that struck me as very...odd...I don't know exactly how to phrase it other than by her venting she wasn't showing herself to be any more Godly than the other girl nor was she showing herself to be any more deserving of her boyfriend's deeply religious family's blessing.

So I'm just curious about the core beliefs and doctrines that Baptists follow. Not the extreme baptists who picket funerals or anything.

I know GAG isn't really the place to ask religious questions since the majority of the population tends to identify as atheist or agnostic, but if anyone is able to give me some of their beliefs, I'd be thankful.


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  • Baptists are a denomination of Christianity, they're not two separate things. I don't know any Baptists personally, though I am a non-denominational Christian myself, and from what I've gathered, it's one of the better denominations, their viewpoints are similar to those that I was raised around. Anyway, it sounds likely to me that her behavior has nothing to do with being a Baptist, but rather from the fact that she doesn't follow her faith very closely. It's an ever increasing problem of modern Christianity, so many people claim to be Christians, but to them it's only a name, they believe in Jesus but they don't follow his teachings or anything that's in the Bible.


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  • I dated a baptist once, so I know that baptists are christians, and so their beliefs don't vary much from yours (you're technically called a nondenomination christian). The only thing that really differs is how they worship.

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