Boyfriend presses against me while kissing?

If we're sitting down and making out, near the end of our kiss, he'll press his lips hard against mine. and when we're standing, he presses his body really hard against mine. I have no problem with either, except that I would like to press back, but he's stronger than me and he probably can't feel it when I try. Anyway, why does he do this? is it the testosterone coursing through his veins, or what?! lol


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  • ahhhh I loveeee thatttt haha<3<3<3

    he's done that to me while I was leaning against his car once:P that was my favorite time haha, was pretty hot. yeh I get what you mean except it depends how hard you press back. surprisingly, could also depend on what your wearing.

    well, he's just turned on lol, he wants to feel ur… area on his haha;) someones getting excited basically:P