How to make most out of a "mercy date"?

So this girl agreed to go on a date with me. I don't know her personally. I met her on a dating site, added her on Facebook, didn't really talk to her all that much and then after about half a year decided to ask her out.

She agreed and has been quite spontaneous about it, but I know she isn't wild about me from the start. It's more of a "what the heck"-kind of date.

So my question, if I like her, how can I make the most out of it? By the way, I wouldn't aim to "sleep with her" but to "have a relationship".


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  • Have fun. maximize your opportunity and basically just make the best out of your time


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  • I know this is going to sound like the worst advice ever but this is actually one of the few times it really does fit ...

    Just be yourself.

    Hold on. You're not working hard to impress this woman and you already know that you're like second to anything she's really looking for so let it go, relax, kick back, and just have fun. Be. Yourself. Be You. You, bro. You.

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