How to fix a flirtless potential relationship?

So I'm dating this girl and we had our first date and I think it went pretty well, we were getting to know each other and she did most of the talking. However there was little to no room to squeeze in a flirty remark because the conversation was pretty serious.

Also I'm not the type of guy to just spew out compliments to a girl like "you're beautiful." unless I'm in an actual relationship with them. We've also known each other for a couple months and just started dating so I think it would be kind of weird to just start the compliments now. Is there any way to flirt with her without sending a direct "You're the most amazing person in the world" -type message?

Also we don't really text unless we're trying to arrange something. Should I just say sup? or would the sudden change be odd?


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  • after a date or something it is so simple to text her ''you looked beautiful today '' and this way it will not be just out of the blue and it will appear that you really meant it , you can also try to flirt with her by touching her lightly on her arms , or her hair , I know she will love it :D

  • Don't just compliment her for the sake of it - make a compliment about something specific, like they way she has her hair. It gets a bit old if someone just keeps saying "you look beautiful" every time because it sounds ike you're trying to win favours rather than genuinely complimenting.

    In terms of texting, Just send her a quick message when you see something cool or funny and think of her, and tell her that. Otherwise, just try to make your "making plans" texts last longer by asking her how her day has been or what she's up to rather than skipping straight to "when are you free?"

    Good luck :)

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