Guys would you date a girl that was taller than you?

I'm 5'2 and he's like 4'11. We're both short but I know some guys hate that whole girls being taller thing. What do you think?

I'm in a grade higher than him also but his birthday's just late. His is in October and mine is in May. That's the only reason.

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  • dam, that makes me feel tall... lmao. but nah that's real good to see a woman who doesn't let a dude's height deterr her from giving him a chance. I certainly believe height is overrated. If a dude saw a chick who was tall as shaq but she looked like say...megan fox! I dare a dude to say he wouldn't wanna holla at her lol!

    • That'd be scary though. I know I wouldn't go with a GUY as tall as Shaq. Much less a dude.

    • Lol I exaggerate, but you get the idea, height doesn't matter. I'm glad you see it.

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  • well you both are young and short. you probly won't grow much more but he should hit a growth spirt soon and then should at least be in the 5' range. for him he has no choice but to date someone taller and het I know guys who perfer a taller girl.. me not so much cause I'm 6'4 and that would be kinda creepy..

    • Well it's just kinda a summer crush kinda thing though. You know? Now that school is out I was planning on goofing off with him (we never talk in school, we might bump into each other purposely in the halls but NEVER talk) so I was thinking as just a little short term kinda thing. But I don't know if he'll go for it

  • Well I'm 6'3 and I have never met a girl taller than me but if she was I'd probably stay away from her.

    • That's because at 6'3 the only girls taller than you look like men. But it's not my fault that if he were 2 inches shorter he'd be a midget. I mean he's cute

  • Sounds to me like he has no choice than to date someone who is taller than him at that height.

    But yes, I would. I am 6'2'' by the way.

  • its hard for guys who are not short to have girls close to your height

    i have like one girl who is taller than me in the my whole school

    im 6'1

    but id probably date if she was nice

    • Which is not good. we fight like all the time. but we're still friends. weird right?

  • mybe , if she wasnt a lot taller , or I liked her like hell


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