Can someone please clarify what the etiquette is for when you don't want to see someone again?

So basically, say you meet a guy at a party or whatever and you exchange numbers, and arrange to go on a date.

Say after this first date (or during), even if he's a really cool guy, you're not really feeling it for whatever reason, and don't want to meet up with him again. What do you actually do in this situation or how would you like it to be handled if it was you?

It's plain rude to just stop replying to texts or whatever, but because there's no level of commitment at this point, how do you go about ending things graciously? Surely it would be weird to do it in person seeing as you would have to arrange to meet up again to do that, so is a phonecall or text ok?

What if it's been two dates?

This has happened to me a bunch of times, and I still don't know how to do it "properly" - any advice would be appreciated :)


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  • I would say after two dates a text is fine... you really don't have much invested at that point.

    Mysister disagrees though and says you should see them in person. If I were being dumped I'd be more upset I wasted a night on them rather than I would be about getting a text.

    • Yeah, if someone I had been out with arranged to meet up with me just to tell me they didn't want to see me again, I'd feel pretty sh*t about it.

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