Why won't he give me an explanation? (Help please)

So I dated this guy for 8 months...we broke up because he couldn't be a one woman's man...but to get more into detail...one day he spends the night at my house everything normal he's acting all lovable kisses me...we cuddle talked...watched scary movies...HAD SEX...basically what couples do...so as we cuddled up...i fail asleep...he was laying next to me on the couch...bare with me on this one I know its a long story but please I really need feedback peoples lol!...but anyways I was getting uncomfortable on the couch and woke up a little my boyfriend is no longer next to me...he's laying the opposite way of ...and then I hear him giggling on the phone with another female saying " I miss those lips, I wanna kiss you, when are we moving in together...i wanna see you...my dumbass was laying there listening...i did want to to jump up and confront him...because I was at my friend house and I didn't want to wake up her family...so I laid there listening...then finally got frustrated and got up and went to the restroom...when I got up I see him turn over acting like he was sleep...i know he was trying to hide that he was talking to this girl because he was whispering...well not really...just talking low...how could he do that right in front of me?...how disrespectful...right? So I come out the bathroom he still acting

like he asleep...i still leave him alone and go back to sleep...so the next morning...i hear him waking up about to leave I act sleep still...yeah I'm wierd...but he try waking me up telling me bye...i don't wake up...so he kisses me on my lips then I hear him walk away...then I slightly open my eyes and I noticed he looks back at me before he exits the door but he didn't notice me see him do that..as soon as he leaves I get up and lock the door...lay down and go to sleep with the situation tough on my mind I wake up later that day and call him...he doesn't pick up...i keep ringing his phone...not getting any answers...then I check to see if he's on Facebook...i go on his page and I noticed that he took all pics of me and him off his page...it doesn't say where in a relationship anymore...and he deletes me as a friend on Facebook? So text him telling him that we need to talk and that I heard him talking on the phone with the girl...and he doesn't text back...i just really need an explanation...like why did he do all this...it all happened so fast out of the blue everything was going good...i was actually kind of falling for him...he was a great guy until that night...does anybody know what couldve happened? why won't he give me an explanation are say anything to me...i just feel my whole time was wasted and I'm really hurt that I wanna cry...can someone tell me what could

ve happened? Or why?Thanks I really need feedback!


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  • There wasn't anything you did that any woman wouldn't do in your same situation.

    The only way to land a player is to be 4 things.

    1. Super awesome in bed.

    2. Hotter than the other girls he has or has been with.

    3. Have a fun personality.

    4. Fairly young.

    If you aren't those 3 things then I'm sorry you won't get one.

    Those are the breaks.

    A man like this has to make it clear from the beginning that he doesn't want a relationship, or he's going to be breaking hearts.Thats on him. But it doesn't really matter, you will continue to like guys like this because they treat you this way.

    So either he's too stupid to realize how to make multiple relationships work.


    he doesn't care.

    Either way its also your fault for wanting these types of men.

    • Im one 3 &4 he's just cowardly...guys should be more straight foward now days...

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  • It's unfortunate but this guy put you into the screw able but not date able camp.

    Probably nothing you did or didn't do, he just wanted to drill you and move on to the next one. It's a little sociopathic to be onto the next one while he is still with you. He may have a sex addiction as well.

    Stop looking for the trophy guy in college. Odds are the gas station they work at now they will manage it later. Go find a nerd who is super into you, he will probably make more money for you later too.


  • lol when you said you broke up because he could be a one woman's man you already got your answer.

    Honestly why do women try to force a relationship upon a man who does not want one. He is a play you knew that when he broke up with you for that reason. If I ever caught a woman doing that to me after we had sex I would have thrown them out of the house right there on the spot. You need to stop being so nice and stop trying to make other people happy. You know what you want so do not settle for anything less than your happiness. That means find a decent man that is not a player and who DOES want a "one woman" relationship. Still don't get why you females waste time on men who want to rail and bail on you.

  • Your problem is right here -> "blah blah blah ...HAD SEX...basically what couples do ... blah blah blah".


    He wasn't doing what couples do. He was doing what he needed to do to get sex.

    It's very apparent that you don't know anything about men. Go out there and read a book about us or something. It'll do wonders for your guy problems... and grammar.

    • Oooooor just some guys are bitches...cause they can't be real and give a simple explanation...

  • He is a player. Move on. His explanation would be lies anyway.


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