How do I discuss a kiss with the friend that kissed me?

i was about to leave his house I leaned over to hug him on the the couch and I kissed him on the cheek and expecting him to kiss me on my cheek or forehead and he kissed me on the lips how do I tell him I was really nervous and that it didn't go well and that was my first


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  • am well if you are really good friends with him you should be able to tell him, he may not be likely your girlfriends but guys can listen and understand what you are talking about. he is your friend as you said and as a friend he will try and look out for you, he then would have no objection to listening to you. Good luck :)


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  • Just tell him, simple as that. And I'm not being funny here. The easiest way to learn how to drive is to start driving right?


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