What qualifies a date as a date, in your opinion?

It's kind of a silly question. But basically, I feel like there's kind of a grey zone between something that is clearly a date and something that clearly isn't. In my case: there is a guy friend who I like (and he likes me too). We made a decision together that, despite our feelings, we wouldn't enter into a relationship with each other for religious/academic/age concerns. But we still like each other. We went to the movies together this weekend, and at the end we shared a really tender hug. Would you consider this a date, or not? I'm only asking because my friends are bugging me and telling me that I'm dating him, when I don't think I am.


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  • well I have gone to see films with girls who are my friends and I wouldn't count it as a date at all, just friends like, how ever if you do like this guy maybe you should go out with him .like the more you are around him your feelings will get stronger for him, plus you will end up regretting it later in life possibly. who cares about the concerns like age and religion, you get one life and you should make the most of it


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