Did I messed up? How do I fix this? Or is he overly sensitive?

i have been dating this guy for 3/4 months now. only once a week. he tells me he wants to see my everyday and or should call me every day.

in the beginning, I kinda rejected him when he tried to kissed me. but then I made things okay.

last weekend, he took me to a getaway weekend (second time).

he teased me why my profile is still online. and that he is not pressuring me.

Mon. I text him, he called back right away we chatted.

Tues. I text him said hi. few hrs. later text me saying he is very busy with work. then called me late at night. I was falling asleep. he told me he will talk to me wed.

Wed. asked if I am feeling better and a few other things. I text him a few hrs. later that I am doing my paper work and busy. ttyl.

no contact thur. Friday. Saturday afternoon (today) he text me

"well, I guess you're not talking to me anymore?"

i text him back saying, I am talking to my girlfriend. and what I was doing.

did I do something wrong?


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  • You're relying on him to contact you and not initiating any contact which is telling him you're not interested in him.

    You said "ttyl" which is indicating that you'll talk to him later, not him talk to you later. So it would be up to you to hit him up later. So he was looking to see thur fri and sat if you're interested and you by not talking to him indicated you were not interested in talking to him. Add in that rejection you did before and he's probably convinced that you're not interested in him. If you're not, be up front about it. Don't string him along or he's gonna accuse you of leading him on.

    I've lost contact with tons of girls by waiting for cues of mutual interest. If they don't show interested, they're gone.

    • thank you.

      i do contact him often and have asked him out many times. I never count whose turn to initiate contact. well..at least I wasn't counting because when I am not busy I contact him often. and we have been out a lot.

      also its hard to reach him, since we are not 18/22 yrs. old and I told him I don't know anything about the dating scene.also, why won't' he just say we are bf/gf. if he is into me rather then play these kind of games

      anyway, what can I do next to fix this?

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    • This is why I prefer minimal texting in dating and try to stick with phone calls and in person communication as much as possible.

    • i agree with you. I have told him I feel the once a week meeting makes things feel disconnected...not natural ... but with him at work, no phone calls during the day. then him in class from 6-10 no phone calls either. he used to called me daily at 10..then stopped...so just don't get you guys when you guys "chase" then stop...now its a waiting game...

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