Why am I'm feeling confused about him?

One of my very best guy friends told me that like me last December when I was dating someone.. Yes I did like him before but I was underage at the time, now I'm 20. when my ex and I broke, Joey and I started talking more and more just as friends then I told asked him does he remember that night he told me he liked me, and of course he said yes. I was trying to talk to him about how can we date when your working and gone 3 or 4 months at a time. but anyways he would come over to my house and talk about things, same as calling or texting. but when I see him in public he ignores me like a piece of trash. I'm just confused about him I really like him. I just want to be happy and not upset about it all the time/


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  • Find out why he's ignoring you, it could be something stupid. Otherwise it doesn't sound too hopeful for you, I'm sorry to say.


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