Kisses and date ideas?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years now and we've done just about all the kisses that we know... Which include the following

1) Peck on the cheek

2) Peck on the lips

3) French Kiss

4) the hug from behind and kissed

5) the for head kiss

6) the kiss over the face (self explanatory)

7) the kiss where one kisses the top lip and the other the bottom

we love kissing each other and this relationship is very serious due to the fact that we have planned the next 5 years together and we moving in with each other soon and yeah, I want to give him a very very special anniversary kiss on our 3rd year together

please help...Base it off your own experiences and please help me with date ideas, I currently have no money but I want to do something special for him...Yes I have already made a home cooked meal for him when he stays over at my parents place...I'm not having sex with him because we are waiting until we get married so please refrain from those two ideas, thank you for your time :)


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  • Plan a nice picnic for him ..maybe a sunset one and continue all the nice soft kisses, lip locking and French kissing.

  • Suck on his lower lip

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