Is it normal to feel like this?

I'm best friends with my ex and we are planning to hang out during the holidays. She is breaking up with her new boyfriend and will remain single.

I have another friend that I dated but her mother didn't approve due to age. Now her mother is chilled with it and allows her to date me.

Now I'm still single and not looking for anyone else. I feel very confused and heavy hearted because I love both of them. I understand that I can only have one but I can't make up my mind.

I feel very sad inside because I love both of them? Is this normal?


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  • We weren't born with our brains built to have a single companion. This is what our society tells us. It's completely normal to be like this, people call it 'mixed feelings' but it's really exactly what you said. You have affection for two people.

    I'd just remain friends with both and give yourself time to think things over.


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  • The best advice I can give you, is don't date either of them yet. Talk to each of them more, hang out with each more, and then over time, you'll feel more comfortable with one of them, and you'll realize which one you love more. And that is the one you go after.

  • No.