I recently went out with a girl but...

I recently went out with a girl and the date went awesome (trust me, it was a really good date and she def. had fun). Whatever the case, I text her every now and then, and she'll respond and even call me sweetie and stuff, but she is apparently always busy and can't hang out. It's been 3 weeks since that first date and she does work a lot so maybe I'm just being crazy. But still, I've asked her out several times and something always comes up. Does she just feel bad and is trying to let me know that she's not interested subtly. Or do you think she's telling the truth? What would you recommend I do?


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  • i would ask her when she's

    free, that way she can't make

    something up. if she makes

    something up on a day that

    she's free then you will know

    that she is finding it hard 2

    tell you she doesn't like you that

    way. she probably is just busy

    and I hope that is the case.

    good luck.


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