I ceased contact, she texted me 8 days later

There's this girl I met a few months ago that I was getting to know, mainly over text. I was always the one to text her and we'd have friendly and some flirty conversations. Long story short, I asked her to meet for coffee and she rejected the offer, I was cool about it and decided to move on.

8 days later she texts me "Hey !" This is the first time she's ever texted me on her own. I respond with a "What's up" but she never replied.

She is a bit shy and I think she's also pretty insecure.

I'm not going to pursue her anymore, but what could she be trying to pull? Is she trying to get me to chase her again?


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  • Forget her. Find someone who is really actually interested in you!


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  • Girls will play these stupid games. They never know what they want. In my opinion don't talk to her until she starts convo for a few days. Whatever you do should be reciprocated, at least before being in a relationship. Therefore you initiated the texts, let her know that you were interested in seeing her, now its her turn. You handled it like a alpha and that's exactly why she came back. Female Logic=Mind blown

    • Yeah I'm definitely not going to contact her again. Ball is in her court as far as I'm concerned. Still don't get why she texted me but didn't respond when I texted her back.

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