Will I ever find someone I can trust?

After being married for over 20 years, I started back dating. When I meet a guy and we start dating...I get spooked and can't stick with it. I am so scared of a relationship. I am wondering if I will ever be able to love again.


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  • You will but it won't come without taking a few risks, because you need to let down barriers, you need to feel vulnerable again, because until you feel this way, your never going to feel secure in a relationship again. Only when you allow someone to make you feel secure will it all seem right again, but only by taking a few risks. Sure you might get hurt again, but on the same note, you might be throwing a time of happiness away for what, that little effort, so don't be scared to be scared, feel excited of it being scarey, because this could be that feeling becoming something great, but unless you let a few barriers down, then no, you will always only have part time relationships,x


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  • 20 years is a long time so I imagine it will take time to earn trust. Don't be scared, let it help you take your mind of the past :)

    please answer mine tittled, what did my mum mean?


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